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Plates, Frame, and Enclosure

Base Plates

There are 4 identical 1" aluminum base plates in each A-Cell. The base plates come with 5/16"-18 tapped holes every on a 2 inch grid and .250" slip-fit dowel holes spread throughout the plates. These holes allow you to mount tooling wherever it is needed in the cell. The dowel holes are accurate within .0005 on each plate. Large wiring escapes are provided at the corners of each plate so all wires and plumbing can be easily routed to the final destination. Note the wire getaways are not holes, they are "U"s. So, if the plates need to be removed the wires do not need to be disconnected.

Base Plates

The enclosure can be specified with doors, light curtains, or removable panels. The enclosure has safety interlock switches on all doors that are already wired into the safety circuit in the control box. Where spec'd, horizontal openings are framed under the doors where bowls, conveyors, or chutes can be installed so that the doors can swing without interference Clear panels are standard but wire mesh is an option for door covers. 

Machine Base

Input/Output Area


A-Cells are built to be flexible and robust. The base frame is welded from 2.5"x2.5" steel tubing and then painted white (custom colors available). It sits on casters with leveling pads. The minimum overall dimensions are 36"x36" and the maximum dimensions are 60"x60". Dimensions are configurable by 12" increments. Example size:48"x60". 

casters with leveling pads
Conveyor into machine
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