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Valves and I/O

Remote I/O

Remote I/O is the backbone of "Plug-and-Play Automation". With prewired I/O modules placed within inches of future tooling, sensors and switch can be effortlessly connected to the M8/M12 receptacles on the I/O module. Each module has eight M12 ports which we break into sixteen M8 ports using "Y" adaptors. All sixteen ports are inputs/outputs. Up to 4 modules can specified, creating a 64 I/O count. 

Valve Bank

The Plug-and-Play aspect of A-Cells are made possible by the prewired valve banks and remote I/O modules that are ready to be used. We provide you with screen on the HMI that allow the user to toggle the valves and outputs as soon as the A-Cell is powered up.

Valve Options

  • SMC 3000, 5000, or 7000 series bank

  • Valve Styles
    • 1-16 Valves per Bank

    • 5/32" 1/4"  ports

  • Valve Operating Style

    • Single Solenoid​

    • Double Solenoid-Center Exhaust

    • Double Solenoid-Center Closed

  • Mounting options

    • Mounted under base plates (shown right)

    • Mounted on base plates 

automation cell
valve bank and IO
Valve Bank
Remote I/O Module
Pneumatic Cluster

The pneumatic cluster comes installed and plumbed to the valve bank. 


  • Lock/Tagout Valve

  • Filter/Regulator

  • System Exhaust Valve

  • Pressure Sensor

pressure regulator
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