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PLC/Control Box

PLC/Control Box


We offer 2 types of PLC options;

  • Allen-Bradley-“Compactlogix”
  • Automation Direct-“Productivity”



Give your A-Cell a brain. When your order a PLC it comes wired in a control box with all the other necessary accompanying devices. 

  • PLC Pricing

    Allen-Bradley “Compactlogix L24”

    -$2700 surcharge

    Automation Directs “Productivity”

    -no surcharge

  • Control Box Spec's

    A 30"x36" control box is mounted at the rear of the A-Cell fully wired, tested,  and ready to be programmed. We can also add items to compliment any components that may be added by the user.

  • What You Get

    - Control box mounted to back of A-Cell

    - PLC

    - Safety modules 

    - Power distribution and protection

    - Terminal blocks

    - Main disconnect

    - Any external components wired to box

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