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The pneumatic package comes with valve banks and air lockout/tagout unit.

  • Valve Bank Info

    The standard valve bank in the A-Cell is an SMC 3000 series valve bank with 12 single acting solenoids valves. The valve bank may be also be configured to meet your needs. The valve bank is feildbus networked to the PLC. Go to the components page for more SMC valve bank options.

  • Air Input Assembly

    The air input assembly consists of a 3/8 NPT facility air input, lockout/tag out valve, filter, regulator, plugged ¼ NPT port, soft start/dump valve, and a digital pressure gauge.

  • What You Get

    - 16 port valve bank wired to control box

    (16 port single acting valves are standard)


    Air Input Assembly

    - Lockout/tagout 

    - Filter regulator

    - Port for air before dump valve

    - Soft start/dump valve

    - Digital pressure sensor


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