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Remote I/O Module

Remote I/O Module


Plug your M8 connectors into the remote I/O modules and start automation. Add another I/O module for another 16x inputs/outputs. 

  • I/O Module

    The remote I/O module is made of 16x M8 connectors. The modules are feildbus networked to the PLC. 

  • Accessing I/O

    You’re A-Cell will come with schematics to show how input devices are connected to the remote I/O modules. A screen is pre-configured on the HMI to show the status of all connected input devices. An HMI screen also gives access to manual control and status of the solenoids on the valve manifold.

  • What You Get

    - Remote I/O module w/ 8x M12 connectors

    - 8x splitters creating a 16x I/O count

    - Module(s) wired back to control box

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