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Vison Sensors and Vision Systems are becoming very popular as their ease of use continues to develop. 

Vision Sensor price based on Cognex 4G7.

Vision System prices based on Cognex In-Sight 7010.


  • Vison Sensor

    Vision Sensors are the most basic category in vision. 

    -Single Part Presence

    -Multiple Part Presence

    -Part Orientation

    -Part Defect Detection

    -Color Inspection

  • Vision System

    Vision systems are capable of all vision applications. 

    -Quality Inspection

    -Dimensional Measurement

    -Robotic Guidance 

    -Text and Barcode Inspection

  • Viewing Screen

    Adding a vision viewing screen (8.5” touch screen) allows the user to see real time what the camera is seeing. The touch screen will be added to the HMI box. Without this feature the user must plug a laptop into the A-Cell to see what the camera is seeing. 

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