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Plug and Play

         Imagine a work cell that can be shipped to you with robots, vision, pneumatic valve banks and all of the necessary components for automation in only 6 weeks. Just plug and play.


That’s A-Cell.


Automatin Cell
Plug and play

What You Get

(Every cell is configurable to meet your need)

A-Cells are prewired and assembled, with only the components you need for your A-Cell. 

  • Robots (All Brands) 

  • Vision

  • HMI

  • Control Box

  • Safety Circuit

  • Enclosure

  • Pneumatic Valve Bank

  • Air Regulator/Dump Valve 

  • Base Plates

  • PLC

  • Welded Base Frame

  • Custom Dimensions 

What You Get

How It Works

How It Works.

It's simple. We go through a checklist with you, picking out components for your A-Cell.  We start with overall dimensions and work our way through standard items such as pneumatic valves and PLCs. Once we're done, we send you a CAD model of the A-Cell, and you can design the tooling to go in it. 

When your A-Cell arrives, you mount your tooling to breadboard base plates, plumb your cylinders to the valves, and start automating!

4'X6' A-Cell
Aluminum Plate

Plug And Play Automation

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